KATE, Kobe City ALTs

ALT working for Kobe City is called as KATE. They will be transited to Fiscal Year Appointed Employees from April 1st 2020. EWA started negotiation with Kobe City in order to keep and improve their wage and working conditions. It will last for months becuase Kobe City has not made a plan for it.

Amagasaki City ALTs

Ashiya City ALTs

Itami City ALTs & JTEs

NET, Osaka Prefecture ALTs

Since the beginning of the NET Program almost 30 years ago, native English teachers have had many of the same benefit as all Japanese teachers, including health care. If we get sick or need to be admitted to a hospital, they we can take paid sick leave for up to 20 days per year, as long as a medical doctor requires it.

However, from April 2020, we have been informed by our incompetent managers at the Osaka Board of Education that we will be permitted NO days of paid sick leave.

In other words, we must be in school, even when sick or we will not get paid. For example, if a native English teachers feels sick with even flu-like symptoms, he or she will be more likely to go to school and teach than visit a doctor.

The risk is too high to students and teachers alike. Most native English teachers teach more than 360 students a week. We must be able to take paid sick leave to protect our health and the health of our students.

While this reduction in health benefits is the most pressing, there four are other aspects that are also important.

1.Since 1996, we have not had a salary increase or a cost of living adjustment. We demand an annual salary increase similar to all teachers.

2.Native English teachers receive no pension benefits. Upon retirement, we will get no financial support. We demand pension benefits similar to all teachers. 

3. Paid vacation days are being reduced for new teachers from 20 days to 10 days. We demand vacation days similar to all teachers. 

4. There will no longer be any benefit for NET teachers to return to their home country for bereavement or for weddings of family members. We demand that we be allowed to return to our home countries in the case of bereavement and not be financially penalized 


What is Fiscal Year Appointed Employee?

As of April 1st 2020, all ALTs around Japan will be transitted to Fiscal Year Appointed Employees. What is that? We provide you with the information and strategy to fight it below.

How will the amendments of the Local Public Service Act
and Local Autonomy Act affect ALTs?