Kindai – negotiation with the employment age limitation of 65, pay raise and improvement of working conditions 

The annual collective bargaining with Kindai was held 19th December. The answers to union demands and contents of discussion are as follows. Kindai will reconsider their answer regarding 1) and get back to union soon.


  1. That the subjects at the negotiation on 18 July 2019 (employment age limitation of part-time teacher of 65) be answered.

 Kindai) The work rule including the terms of part-time teachers converted to be with non-fixed term contract (referred to as the permanent position) was amended in April 2018. According to the article 6-3 of work rule the retirement age of part-time teacher in permanent position is 65 so that the said teacher will retire at the end of this academic year. All part-time teachers were given opportunity to vote the representative of employees when the work rule was amended. We also gave union the information about the amendment.

 Union) We demand Kindai to consider the continuation of employment of the said union member since Kindai had replied union the possibility of extension of retirement age; by another interpretation of the work rule (those who retire in permanent position can be rehired two more year as part-time teachers) or a new labor agreement with union.

K) We will consult with their lawyer about another interpretation of the work rule, and need a time think about the labor agreement since it is new proposal from union.

U) Economics Department has already offer him 4 koma. In case of new hiring age limitation is against a law so that we request Kindai to take the same way of Economics Department.

2) That the number of teaching koma for unionized part-time teachers be kept at the same or higher in 2020 as in 2019. 

 K) We pay high attention to not reduce koma of part-time teachers. It is impossible to guarantee it in far future but notify the teachers as soon as possible it is happened. 

3) That the union members’ class schedules be not changed unless requested by the teachers themselves. 

 K) We always avoid the change to working conditions but we will inform teachers when facing the change of curriculum.

 U) Management Department has notified us that exam in the 16th week is required. Union and Kindai had confirmed that exam within the 15 weeks or in 16th week is depends on the teacher. Making up lessons should not be in days when part-time teachers do not come to Kindai.

4) That union member C be teaching 12 komas which he had originally taught.

 K) He has already 12 komas in this academic year.

5) That remuneration of part-time teachers be increased.

 K) Basic salary of part-time teachers is increased 200 yen per koma from April 2020 on.

6) That part-time teachers be teaching in the same classroom on the same day.

 K) We are trying to manage to allocate class rooms. All departments will pay their attention to those teachers who are difficult to move classes and forced to move frequently.

7) That part-time teachers who come in to do class preparation or other university work on non-teaching days be paid transportation costs: Law Department has not paid at all.

 K) Sign the sheet and transportation fee is paid for that day. We will talk with Law Department.

8) That a new teachers’ lounge with lockers be provided when Kyu-Honkan (old headquarter building ) is torn down later this year.

 K) We will provide you with the same space with old headquarter building. Use the current space for a while. We will ask Department of Science and Engineering with their intension of removing the items of part-time teachers.

Complaint to Osaka Labor Relations Commission against Kindai over its age limitation on part-time teachers

EWA has demanded from the beginning of its formation of the Kindai Branch that the University withdraw its work rule regulating the age limitation of 65 in the hiring of part-time teachers. In 2019 we engaged in a tense struggle because a union member has reached the age of 65. At our collective bargainings and dialogues, Kindai changed their reasons for the age limitation, but they would not change their policy. Therefore, on 9 March EWA submitted a complaint to Osaka Labor Relations Commission against Kindai’s unfair labor practices such as contract termination in a disadvantageous manner, negotiating not in good faith, and undermining the Union.


Answer 2020.4.1

Kindai first dossier 2020.5.28

Union first dossier 2020.6. 8

Union second dossier 2020.7. 6

Kindai second dossier 2020.7.15

Union third dossier 2020.8.5

Kindai third dossier 2020.10.2

Union fourth dossier 2020.11.6

First hearing 2021.2.17

Second hearing 2021.3.22

Third hearing 2021.4.22

The 2020 annual collective bargaining with Kindai will be held.

1) That ●●●●●●●●● be reinstated.
2) That the ‘retirement age’ of part-time teachers be increased to 70 year of age.
3) That number of teaching koma for unionized part-time teachers be kept at the same or higher in 2021 as in 2020.
4) That the union members’ class schedules be not changed unless requested by the teachers themselves.
5) That remuneration of part-time teachers be increased.
6) That the allowance coping with Covid-19 be increased to 10,000 yen per koma/semester.
7) That all classrooms be properly equipped so that online classes are as possible as face-to-face ones.
8) That those who converted to non-limited term be given job descriptions instead of employment contracts.
9) That the opinions of instructors’ be respected in any disputes with students, and the current questionnaire system be abolished since it is used to evaluate the popularity.

Request of Collective Bargaining with Kindai

Tedukayama 帝塚山学院大、非常勤講師「定年」問題で団交