Kobe City College of Nursing notifys union member to terminate labor contract due to no student registers

Kobe City College of Nursing, KCCN, terminated a labor contract with a union member due to no student has registered.
EWA requested collective bargaining and held it on 11 Dec with KCCN.

With regard to EWA demand for withdrawal of cancelation of union member’s class in fall semester KCCN replied that they have no responsibility for the cancelation and no need for payment because no student had registered. KCCN replied us that they had no intension to pay the allowance for absence from work which is enacted in the Labor Standards Act even though they admitted that they had broken the labor contract with union member. KCCN, however, answered that they would pay two month salary as compensation like Kobe City University of Foreign College. Their answers were neither consistent nor legitimate and did not fulfill obligation of negotiation in good faith.

Therefore EWA has come to conclusion that KCCN made unfair labor practices of negotiation not in good faith. EWA will bring this case to an appropriate authority, but willing to postpone it if KCCN reconsiders their answer.

EWA notified KCCN that EWA wants to hear KCCN’s intension of reconsidering their answer by 27 Dec.
EWA will definitely proceed to the case of unfair labor practice when KCCN has no intension of reconsidering their answer or no reply by the abovementioned deadline. 

By the way KCCN was privatized at April 1st 2019.

No one assumes responsibility, a worker loses wage

Kobe City College of Nursing did not reconsider their decision of cancelation union member’s class due to no student registered.

EWA made a complaint against KCCN’s unfair labor practices such as negotiation not in good faith to Osaka Labor Relations Commission on January 14. 

KCCN’s filed an answer on 28 January saying they have no responsibility of cancelation of class.The first hearing will be held February 14 where economic and legal reason of cancelation of class will be discussed.



Osaka Labor Relations Commission started the hearing

EWA submitted the first dossier that KCCN must pay 100% wage because they do not accept a labor when an employee provided it based on a labor contract: a user who makes a rental contract must pay the fee even while they do not use the rental commodity.

Union first dossier

KCCN first dossier 

When the final dossiers were presented to OLRC, KCCN stated that they want to solve the case by mediation. Both parties decided to discuss about it and found the point of conciliation agreement in a month. On 5th August 2020, the official conciliation agreement was made at OLRC.

OtemonGakuin University unilaterally reduces union members’ komas

EWA made a labor agreement through the negotiation in which both parties completely solved the problem caused by Otemon’s unilateral change to working conditions of union members in spring semester 2019.

Otemon, however, have unilaterally again notified union members of the reduction of their komas for next year. They neither abide by the labor agreement of 2004 nor comply with the clause of labor agreement of this spring which says both parties never/ever damage social status each other.

EWA has to doubt their behavior as anti-unionism.EWA, therefore, has requested Otemon to give union members as same komas for next year as this year. EWA expects them to answer to this request by the end of 2019. EWA has also notified them the case will brought to an appropriate authority as unfair labor practice unless satisfactory answer delivers.