NET (Osaka Prefecture ALTs) also demand action from the Osaka Prefecture Personnel Committee.





Similar to Amagasaki City, seven NET’s working in Osaka Prefecture also made a request for action to the Osaka Prefecture Personnel Committee in March 2024, demanding full implementation of the FY2023 Personnel Board recommendations, including salary increases like other teachers.
At the same time, NET’s also demanded that sick leave be paid, as they currently have to choose between taking annual leave or a pay cut if they fall ill, after losing their regular paid sick leave in FY2020 when they were made fiscal year appointees. This could have serious implications if they need to take extended periods of time off, for example, due to infectious diseases. One of the lessons we should have learnt from the Corona disaster was the need for adequate rest to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, which strengthens our demand for paid sick leave.
Since the NET’s submitted their demands, they are being represented by a member of the EWA as their submissions are examined concurrently.

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